Dragon Age Inquisition Trailer Drops, as did my Jaw

Damn. Just Damn. 

My gushing fandom aside, Dragon Age Inquisition just looks fantastic, and hopefully will appease even the most steadfast derider of Dragon Age 2. I count myself among the disappointed with Dragon Age's second outing, but everything I have seen so far of Inquisition is positive, slowly lifting away the cloud of cautious optimism.

The trailer displays one of the prominent goals of the new title, and that is the return of a grand epicness to the story. You are uniting kingdoms and cultures together to defend our world against the evil of the breach, a far cry from the more politics and civil war based tale in DA2.

Also of note is just how proud of Varric's facial features Bioware seems to be, as his face is front in center in every trailer or set of screens they release. Graphically it's quite impressive, don't get me wrong, just funny is all. Though Varric isn't the only familiar party member to get some shine, as Leliana makes her return to the series as well, which was a welcome addition to the admittedly large roster seen at the end of the trailer. While Bioware already announced there will be no DLC characters for Inquisition, I do hope for some cameos from favorites such as Isabella, Aveline, Sten (yes, I'm the one guy that actually like Sten), etc. Bioware previously advised that fan fave Morrigan is going to be a substantial part of the game, but will not be a controllable party member. 

Alright, gush time is over. What do you think of how Inquisition is shaping up? Excited yet? Let us know in the comments!