DRAGON BALL SUPER: BROLY Confirmed to Air in US Theaters


If you’re excited for Dragon Ball Super: Broly, get more excited since it will be coming to US theaters in January 2019. There is a catch though. Only the dub will be played in theaters. If you’re a fan of the sub, you’re out of luck. Funimation made the announcement over the weekend via Twitter and it is definitely exciting. It is important to note that if you’ve only watched the dub of Dragon Ball Super, there may be some confusion as the dub has only just started the Universe Survival arc and the movie takes place after the entire series. If you’ve watched the sub you’ll be better prepared for the movie, but who knows how many spoilers will be present in the film. Maybe nothing will be spoiled, although the new dynamic with Freiza will be confusing for anyone who hasn’t seen Tournament of Power yet. Are you excited to see Broly become canon? Who else should become canon?

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