DRAKENGARD 3: A World of Dragons, Goddesses, and Revenge

If you’re up for something different, look no further than Drakengard 3. The game puts you in control of Zero, who isn’t exactly a shining beacon of truth and justice, at least from outward appearances. She happens to have a bloodlust for her six sisters, and normally that would be because they are inherently evil or something. While that might be revealed to be the case, so far the only thing they've done is bring peace to the earth itself, so it's not exactly Kill Bill here. In any case, throughout her quest she has a partner, a big purple dragon named Mikhail. Not like Figment purple, more like an intimidating Grimace purple...though thinking about it I’m not sure I’d put the words intimidating and Grimace in the same sentence. Regardless, you will be able to hop on Mikhail’s back when needed, and the heavy hack and slash combat looks like a fun alternative to tried and true turn based fighting.

The Drakengard series has never been a huge hit, at least not on northern shores, but the third entry definitely looks intriguing. Playstation 3 owners will be able to test it out for themselves sometime in 2014.

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