Drew Barrymore's New Netflix Comedy Is a Zombie Series

Some new information has surfaced regarding Drew Barrymore's upcoming Netflix comedy series, Santa Clarita Diet, and it sounds great! 

Barrymore stars alongside Timothy Olyphant (Justified) in the show as Sheila and Joel Hammond, who are married realtors in the Los Angeles suburb community of Santa Clarita. The big reveal is that it's a zombie series! 

In the series premiere, we learn that Sheila goes a “dramatic change” as she dies and comes back as a flesh-eating zombie. It's explained that "while they tend to their open houses and teenage daughter, the couple must sate Sheila’s unbridled id and undead hunger, first with raw meat and, eventually, the human kind."

The show was created by Victor Fresco, who previously developed shows such as ABC’s Better Off Ted and Fox’s Andy Richter Controls the Universe. It's been years since Barrymore has done anything. In fact, it's pointed out by USA Today that she hasn’t worked since her daughters, Olive, 4, and Frankie, 2, were born.

She was drawn to this project, though, by its "darkness" and "strange parallels," and when talking about the show Fresco said:

“What if she finds herself, and we do this sort of Cro-Magnon type of evolution with her over the course of the 10 episodes. No gimmicks, no prosthetics, just an awakening.”

Barrymore adds:

“I just really enjoyed just shedding a snakeskin with her, so it became a really fun obstacle that I wasn’t even planning for but seemed so conducive and fun and healthy for my own life.”

I included the first image from the series above along with two promo posters that you can check out below. There's a lot of fun potential here to work with, especially with this concept and I hope it turns out to be entertaining! 

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