Drop Everything: This Nonsensical, Bizarre Trailer For BATMAN V SUPERMAN Will Melt Your Brain

This might be the most bonkers fan-made trailer I've ever seen. YouTuber Aldo Jones has taken the trailer for Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice and remixed and distorted it to such a degree that it's as if you're watching a funhouse version of the movie. Absolutely nothing you'll see here makes any sense whatsoever, and it's both hilarious and a little disconcerting.

Yes, that is Danny Trejo's face on Gal Gadot's body. Yes, Batman is reading a newspaper when facing off against Doomsday. Yes, Superman's face is painted like Mickey Mouse for some reason. Why? Enter this looney bin version of Zack Snyder's universe below, and maybe your consciousness will open to a new level where you'll be able to comprehend this insanity.

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