Duncan Jones Wants to Make MUTE After WARCRAFT

Director Duncan Jones is currently in post-production on his fantasy epic Warcraft, and now he's thinking about what his next project might be. According to a recent tweet he sent out, he's looking to try and get his sci-fi project Mute into development. This is something he first talked about doing over four years ago.

"Thinking about what film I want to try and do after Warcraft. May give Mute one more push before I put it on the "Don Quixote" shelf."

The filmmaker admitted in the past that the movie is a hard sell, but I hope that there's a studio and financier out there that sees the potential. I'd like to think Jones will have a little more clout now that he has Warcraft under his belt. The concept has been likened to Blade Runner and the story follows a "woman whose disappearance causes a mystery for her partner, a mute bartender. When she disappears, he has to go up against the city's gangsters." You can read a more detailed and spoiler filled description here if you want. This is what Jones had to say about it years ago:

There's a couple of villains in there which I'm really excited about. They're so different than anything you've seen. I hope I get the chance to make the film because they're going to be very unique, you're not going to have seen anyone like these two guys before...
No aliens, nothing like that. It's a very human story, it's about normal, normal people having to live in this future city. Science fiction is more of a backdrop, in some ways, than you might expect. But I like that, because ... if you allow [science fiction] to be in the backdrop and not be what it's all about, then the humanity is what you're really concentrating on and looking at. You see why people are the way they are , and how they've maintained their humanity in these science-fiction settings. Or the opposite, why their humanity starts to be eroded. When they started to lose their humanity because of the world that they live in, and that's what this film is going to be about.

Jones is an insanely talented director, and I really hope that he is able to make this movie. It would be a shame if he had to shelve it. 

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