Dungeon in a Box Sounds Like a Great Monthly Delivery for D&D Fans

I have family members who absolutely love those “(Blank) of the Month” clubs. I have seen some that interest me until I see the price tag and I decide it’s not worth it. I may have finally found one that I can get behind 100%. Dungeon in a Box is one of these clubs for Dungeons & Dragons players, and it sounds like a lot of fun.

Each month, subscribers are sent a box with an adventure, battle map, figures, and more. The adventure models you’re sent are designed to work well with your home game, or the twelve you get throughout the year can be tied together for a “year-long mega adventure!” That sounds really awesome. Here’s a description of the first adventure:

Delve into the secrets of the Greenwold with the first campaign arc from Dungeon In A Box! Get your characters involved in the dragon war that threatens to raze the a realm to ash.

The “Secrets of the Greenwold” arc takes characters from 1st – 10th level as they delve into catacombs beneath the streets of Grayhaven, sail the storms of the rugged Harpy Coast, contend with the fields of undead that choke the Gray Tower, and finally pierce the heart of the cursed Tanglethorn forest.

What your characters discover will save the realm… or allow them to remake it in their own image. Each month’s printed adventure is supplemented by additional pages of digital content that expands them into a world-spanning quest!

I have not tried this service out yet, but it sounds really cool. If you want to go all in, it’ll run you $354 ($29.50/month) for a year, and that includes a 13th adventure. You can also commit for as little as one month, but it will cost you a bit more at $33/month. Is this a service you’d consider trying?

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