DUNGEONS & DRAGONS is Getting a New Comic Series in the Forgotten Realms

The popularity of Dungeons & Dragons has been rising the past several years. I attribute much of that to the success of shows and podcasts such as Stranger Things and Critical Role along with the rising popularity of geek culture. With increased popularity comes increased media outlets. I’ve already mentioned a TV show and a podcast that involve the tabletop RPG, and now there is going to be a comic miniseries.

IDW is going to publish Dungeons & Dragons: A Darkened Wish which will run for five issues starting in February 2019. It comes from writer B. Dave Walters and illustrator Tess Fowler.

The series follows a young wizard, Helene, as she and her friends journey from the island of Mintarn to unimagined adventures as years of peace come to an end at the hands of a threat no-one saw coming. Beyond Helene and crew, the return of “legendary heroes” is also teased for the story.

In a statement, Walters exclaimed his excitement:

I’ve been adventuring in the Forgotten Realms for a long time and having the honor of contributing to that world is incredibly exciting. I can’t wait to show the fans the power and intensity of a truly epic D&D story!

Fowler added to the statement:

I have dreamed of making Dungeons & Dragons comics since I was twelve years old, but A Darkened Wish is beyond anything I could have hoped for. Working with B. Dave Walters on this project is the coolest.

This could be really awesome! Now, I really wish they’d make an animated Critical Role series. Just saying. Check out Fowler’s cover for the first issue below.

Source: THR

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