Dust Created a Cool 1930's Sci-Fi Noir Series AUTOMATA with Doug Jones; Watch the First Episode Now!


Dust has created a lot of short film and video content over the years. We've shared a lot of them with you. Now they've produced a series that I think a lot of you might be interested in checking out. It's a sci-fi noir series called Automata that set in an alternate 1930s universe where robots, known as automatons, have been integrated into society. The lead robot character, Carl, is also played by Doug Jones. Here's the synopsis:

In an alternate 1930's Prohibition-era New York City, it's not liquor that is outlawed but the future production of highly sentient robots known as automatons. Automata follows former NYPD detective turned private eye Sam Regal and his incredibly smart automaton partner, Carl Swangee. Together, they work to solve the case and understand each other in this dystopian America.
Putting a science fiction twist on the classic hard-boiled detective drama, Automata explores a dystopian alternative version of Prohibition-era New York City, similarly shaped by moral panic even though the alcohol flows freely here. In this universe, Prohibition doesn't ban drinking, but the further production of sapient androids that have become prevalent by the 1920s. As a result, the existing androids, called automatons, are shunned by society, relegated to an untouchable caste of servants despite their near-human thought capability, and are frequently subjected to hatred and violence. It's in this oppressive setting that human private detective Sam Regal (Basil Harris, "Grimm") and his automaton partner Carl Swangee (Doug Jones, The Shape of Water) work together to solve cases for both communities, learning to see humanity in one another while trying to prove that justice is still worth serving.

It's a fun concept and the series has solid production value. It's a little rough around the edges but still enjoyable. You can watch the first of the five-episode series below. This first episode sparked my interest and I'm curious to see how this full story plays out.

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