Dwayne Johnson and Henry Cavill Tease a Black Adam and Superman Face-Off

Henry Cavill recently posted a photo of himself sitting down and having a nice friendly drink with Dwayne Johnson. It looks like there's more than meets the eye here, though. The photo came with an interesting caption that reads:

Merry Christmas a Happy New Year from Superman and Black Adam @therock . Today we drink like gentleman and come together as friends. We’re excited for what the future brings.. #DangerousGentleman #DCWorldsWillCollide #Superman

That seems like a pretty big tease that Superman and Black Adam will eventually face off in an upcoming DC movie, but what movie could that be? Well, Man of Steel 2 is definitely in early development and will be released sometime after Justice League, which is still a couple years out. Then there's Shazam, which isn't set to be released until 2019.

I would think that Shazam will just focus on the rivalry between Shazam and Black Adam. In regards to fighting Superman, Johnson has said in the past that it "won't happen in the first movie, but nothing would make me happier. He's got it comin'." So it seems like maybe Man of Steel 2 would be the next best option. Then there's the slight possibility that it could happen in the second Justice League movie.

Of course, Cavill and Johnson could just be completely screwing around with us and making the internet flip over the photo and write all kinds of speculation posts about it just like this. I hope that we do get to eventually see the characters battle each other, though, because that would be spectacular! 

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