Dwayne Johnson Reaffirms Black Adam Will Not Appear in SHAZAM!

Many fans are expecting Dwayne Johnson to make at least a cameo in Shazam! next year. Johnson, who has been cast as Black Adam in the DCU, has told SYFY WIRE that he will not be in the film at all.

I’m not in that one. It’s Shazam and Black Adam and, with the way the DC universe works, we should — in theory — meet up on the big screen. But who knows.

Black Adam is Shazam’s nemesis and while he may not be in Shazam!, he is still getting his own movie, and Johnson is confident that the two will eventually clash in the future. Here’s the real question, is he telling a little white lie to lead fans astray, or is he really not even making a mid-credits scene cameo?

I cannot wait to see Johnson's Black Adam and Zachary Levi's Shazam clash at some point on the big screen. In my head, it looks a little funny since I still picture Levi as Chuck Bartowski from Chuck and then you’ve got Johnson who is massive.

When do you think the epic battle between these two DC characters will happen?

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