Dwayne Johnson Joins Film Adaptation of the '80s Arcade Game RAMPAGE

The feature film adaptation of the classic 1980s Midway Arcade Game Rampage has been in development since 2011. Now Dwayne Johnson has joined the project that is set up at New Line Cinema. Johnson will star in the film after he's finished shooting Fast and Furious 8.

The script was written by Ryan Engle (Non-Stop). The studio is currently on the hunt for a director to bring it to life. There's no information on what the story will be, but it's easy to imagine for those of you who have played the game and seen a Dwayne Johnson movie.

The game revolves around three human characters who mutate into giant monsters that include a giant Godzilla lizard, a werewolf, and a King Kong gorilla. The three go on a rampage destroying big cities while battling the military and eating people along the way.

I grew up on this game, and it was one of my favorites at the arcade I went to when I was a kid. Now that Johnson is on board, we know that the film is going to have a sizable budget, which means the movie will probably look great. Hopefully they have a fun story and script to build it around.

Source: Deadline

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