Dwayne Johnson Shares His Future Plans for the HOBBS & SHAW Franchise and Building a New Team Around Hobbs

Dwayne Johnson isn’t done with his Fast and Furious spinoff Hobbs & Shaw franchise yet! He has big plans for the future, and in a recent interview with MTV, he shared his vision for the franchise and said he’s looking to build a whole new team around Hobbs moving forward. He explained:

“The dream is that we create a team around Hobbs that the world will love. Create a team around Hobbs that is montley crew of unique characters, but all the best in class at what they do. All of them self deprecating in their humor. The whole crew, that’s what I would like. Then when they’re best in their class, they’re lethal and they can kill and kick ass. But, then they just have the greatest time. That’s the goal.”

If you haven’t seen the movie yet, then you won’t want to read ahead as I dive into spoiler about who this new future team of people will entail.

Hobbs & Shaw introduced a few new characters that will be a part of this new team. Those characters include Vanessa Kirby as Shaw’s sister and the surprise additions of Kevin Hart and Ryan Reynolds.

Reynolds plays a CIA agent named Locke who previously worked with Hobbs. He shows up a few times over the course of the film and he adds some funny comic relief. He’s also a badass! At the end of the film he ends up stabbing a guy in the chest with a brick!

Hart plays a character named Dickley, an Air Marshal who encounters Hobbs and Shaw during their “incognito” escape flight. Dickley is a military vet who has a ton of connections and resources as an Air Marshal that will come in handy for the team.

Kirby is also being set up as Hobbs romantic story arc. When talking about this characters, Johnson says:

"With Idris, Vanessa [Kirby], Kevin Hart, who's a surprise in the movie, the other surprise we have, that's an indicator of who the next team will be, so I wanted to create that, too. So I think when audiences see it, they're gonna go, 'Oh, shit, wow, okay.' This person, who we're gonna say is in this movie, he's a surprise, I'm not gonna say his real name, I'll say his other identity, Deadpool."

Johnson then added:

"Ryan is a brilliant writer. He had really locked in to, just this idea earlier on, I've known Ryan for years, so it was, 'Okay dude, here's the scene and we want to set up that we have a backstory that we were partners and the promise that we're going to be together in the next movie. Go.' And he's like, 'Got it.'"

I enjoyed the hell out of Hobbs & Shaw, so if Johnson wants to continue to build the franchise with a bunch of great new characters, I’m totally on board! Especially with a cast that includes Reynolds and Hart. I imagine a couple of the Samoan characters introduced in Hobbs & Shaw will be involved as well, like Hobbs brothers who are Samoan brothers played by Josh Mauga, Cliff Curtis, Roman Reigns and John Tui.

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