Dwayne Johnson Wants to Include John Carpenter in BIG TROUBLE IN LITTLE CHINA Remake

When word came out last week that Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson was going to star in a remake of Big Trouble in Little China, the internet freaked out. John Carpenter, who directed the iconic original film, shared his thoughts about the remake and mentioned that he wasn't involved with it, but it seems like Johnson wants to change that.

In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, The Rock spoke about the fan reaction to the news of the remake, and revealed that he wants to bring Carpenter on board:

“I loved reading the reactions from the fans, that they were so polarized – I’m the same way. My response is: know that I come to the project with nothing but love and respect for the original, which is why we want to bring on John Carpenter.”
“I loved the original when I was younger and I loved the main character – all the characters. It felt like if we surrounded ourselves with the right group of people, the right writers who loved the movie too and wanted to honor it, bring on John Carpenter in some capacity … If we did that, then we have a shot at hopefully making something good.”

Johnson apparently even hinted that they may try to get original star Kurt Russell involved in some fashion as well, though the EW piece doesn't offer any specific quotes in that regard. And finally, he acknowledges that if the script straight-up sucks, they'll just abandon the project altogether:

“Let’s see what feels good, what we can come up with and then go from there. And as we write it, if the whole thing starts to stink up, then we thank everybody for their efforts and accept this just couldn’t make it.”

What do you think about Johnson's comments? Would you be more interested in this remake if Carpenter was involved?

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