Dwayne Johnson's Black Adam Will Reportedly Show Up in SUICIDE SQUAD 2

According to The Wrap, Dwayne Johnson's Black Adam will make his big screen debut in Suicide Squad 2. That's not the movie that I would have expected him to show up in, but that news comes from two inside sources. The report says:

The insiders told TheWrap that the current plan for the sequel is for the members of Suicide Squad to be tasked with tracking down a weapon of mass destruction. That weapon? Black Adam himself. The villain is best known in DC Comics as the main nemesis of superhero Shazam.

That would certainly make for a fun and interesting story for the Suicide Squad! We know that Black Adam was not going to be a part of the Shazam! movie, but Johnson previously teased that there was going to be a big Black Adam surprise. He told Fandango:

“We have a really cool surprise for Black Adam that I can’t reveal, in terms of where we will see Black Adam being introduced.”

It seems like maybe the cat is out of the bag. Obviously, the studio hasn't confirmed this, so until it is confirmed, we'll treat the news as a rumor for now. 

However, if this all does turn out to be true, what do you think? Do you like the idea of the Suicide Squad going on a mission to take down Black Adam? I hope that this ends up being a great way to introduce the character into the DC cinematic universe.

This will lead to his solo film and that will eventually lead to him facing off with Shazam! You can't have Black Adam and Shazam! in the same universe and not see them eventually fight! 

Gavin O'Connor (The Accountant, Warrior) is set to write and possibly direct Suicide Squad 2 and the original cast is expected to reprise their roles. 

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