EA E3 Event Impressions

"Put players first" was EA's motto this year. Hopefully they stick with it. Regardless, I was very underwhelmed by this year's press conference. 

Star Wars: Battlefront- You can check out the game trailer here. 

Mass Effect- A new Mass Effect was teased. It will revolve around an all new hero. 

Sims 4- The ability to bring other player-created Sims into your Sim world is now a reality . 

EA Sports- They spend way too much time on these titles. They are yearly titles so the number of "revolutionary" additions is slim to none no matter how many times they say it. FIFA 15 looks like it's taking the biggest stride in regards to something they called emotional intelligence. Your teammates will remember how you play on the field and will remember victories and defeats. All of these "memories" will affect how your team plays. Madden 15 doesn't look that impressive compared to last year's title, looks like more of the same. EA's UFC looks like it's using Bruce Lee's legendary likeness purely for financial gain (which isn't surprising). I felt offended, though. That man is a legend and they're basically using him as a skin. 

Criterion Games- Criterion (one of my favorite game developers) has a new game coming out, and it looks incredibly absurd but the good kind of absurd. It's a first person extreme sports game. It is currently untitled, but basically, if you can drive it, it will be in the game. I'm looking forward to seeing more of this one. 

Dawngate- EA is getting into the MOBA genre, and it looks like a straight up clone of Dota

Mirror's Edge 2- Not much more was revealed this time, but it's still moving along. It's still the origin story of our favorite messenger, Faith. I am very excited along with almost everybody else.

Battlefield: Hardline- I am very psyched for this next installment in the Battlefield franchise and at the same time completely on the fence. Battlefield 4 was basically a broken game riddled with bugs. I loved 3 but was completely let down by 4. Hardline looks incredible, and with Visceral Games at the helm I have faith that the campaign will be satisfying. When they showed the concept art there was a Japanese restaurant called the Ishimura which I thought was a nice nod to fans. 

That was it from EA, stay tuned in to GeekTyrant for more E3 coverage. 

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