Early Projections Say SUICIDE SQUAD Could Have a $125 Million Opening Weekend

Suicide Squad could have an opening weekend slightly smaller than Deadpool if box office projections are correct. THR reports that box office analysts are predicting a huge opening weekend for the film (which comes out Aug 5) and say their projections of $125 million may even be a bit conservative.

if the film does hit that number that will put it well ahead of Guardians of the Galaxy's $90 million opening weekend and only $10 million short of Deadpool.

With the amount of advertising I've seen in stores, and just going off people who read the site, I wouldn't be surprised if this movie does a little bit better than Deadpool for two reasons...

  1. Deadpool has already laid the groundwork for audiences to be excited for edgy superhero films.
  2. It's PG-13

PG-13 alone is going to bring in so many more teen filmgoers than Deadpool it'll be ridiculous. I'm hoping to catch a matinee showing and avoid all the kids on this one because I'll have a feeling I'll get triggered otherwise. Are you planning on seeing the film the first weekend?

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