Easter Egg-Filled BACK TO THE FUTURE Art — "The Desk of Dr. Brown"

OK, OK — this will be the last Back to the Future-related thing I write today, I swear. There's just been so much BTTF stuff to write about since today is Back to the Future Day.

I wanted to share this piece of art with you guys. It's from artist Rob Loukotka, and it's the latest in his "Desk" series, taking a look at "The Desk of Dr. Brown" and featuring a ton of cool Back to the Future easter eggs. Loukotka previously created pieces highlighting the desks of Tony Stark and Indiana Jones, and this is one of his best pieces yet. Click the images to enlarge. You can purchase the print (or the variant below) right here if you're interested.

October 21st, 2015 has finally arrived! Our future, as foretold in 1985. I knew I’d continue my Famous Desks poster series with Doc Brown, and the fact that TODAY is Back to the Future day couldn’t be more fitting.
The Desk of Dr. Brown is now available, as a 36 x 12″ screen printed poster. It features 40ish items from the entire Back to the Future trilogy! Specifically items that Doc Brown has made or used in the films.
Today, literally, is the exact day (Oct 21 2015) that Marty and Doc Brown travel to. I knew I HAD to have this poster ready for you guys by today, so here we are! It was super fun to draw, and I can’t think of another time in history in which my poster release will be more perfectly timed.
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