Easter Egg-Filled INDIANA JONES Art — "The Desk of Dr. Jones"

Art Indiana Jones by Ben Pearson

This is one of the coolest pieces of Indiana Jones fan art I've seen in a long time. Artist Robert Loukotka — who made a similar Iron Man-themed piece called The Desk of Mr. Stark — is back with the latest in his "desk" series, this time taking a look at the office of Dr. Henry Jones, Jr. There are a ton of Easter eggs to be found in this piece, even if they don't always align with the established canon of the character. I'll let Loukotka explain:

Few movies (or trilogies) are as rich in detail and beautiful objects as the Indiana Jones trilogy. (This poster assumes Crystal Skull was never made, and that there are only three Indiana Jones films. Because duh.)
The illuminated golden fertility idol from Raiders of the Lost Ark, the sacred stones from Temple of Doom, the Holy F***ing Grail from The Last Crusade. The magnitude of amazing objects in these films is second to none. I realized this as I was taking notes to build my drawing list, and I could not stop. This unofficial kind-of-a-movie poster packs over 40 items from the films into one scene.
Like my previous (and future) Famous Desk Posters, this illustration is anachronistic. Not only does Indy’s desk have items from all three films, he straight up has things that do not belong on his desk. The holy grail, the sacred stone, I put an actual bazooka from Raiders on his wall. The items are accurate, but please excuse the blatant mish mash of the canon. Haha. This is meant to be a collection of gorgeous objects, so a lot of artistic liberties were taken.

Via: /Film

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