Easter Egg-Filled IRON MAN Screenprint - "The Desk of Mr. Stark"

Check out this cool Iron Man screenprint from Chicago-based artist Robert Loukotka, called "The Desk of Mr. Stark." There are a bunch of fun Easter eggs, like the S.H.I.E.L.D. paperwork on the left side of the desk. This is a limited edition run, and a few are still available for $45 at his website if you're interested.

This 36″ screen printed poster is FULL of easter eggs and fun details from Iron Man 1,  2, and 3. As such, it’s a bit anachronistic (or timeless). There’s some legacy items like the Mark 3 suit and faceplate, Tony’s original arc reactor from the cave, etc. There’s also nods to improved tech (the clear screens), and even a glimpse into the future (one of the screens indicates he is researching Vibranium, which supposedly is what Ultron is after in the upcoming Avengers 2).
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