Edgar Wright Tweeted then Deleted Photo Response to ANT-MAN Fiasco

Director Edgar Wright and Marvel have found themselves in an awkward situation. After eight years of development, Wright left Marvel's Ant-Man production due to creative differences and script changes. Wright has been silent on the matter since it all went down, but over the weekend he tweeted a photo of legendary silent film star Buster Keaton holding a Cornetto ice cream bar. It came along with the description, "Selfie." The photo was quickly deleted, but there's no erasing something from the Internet. 

The photo is said to represent Keaton’s comments from 1928. Keaton made 31 films independently, then signed on with MGM, which he said was the biggest mistake of his career. The director was never again able to create independent work. This is his exact quote:

"I made the worst mistake of my career. Against my better judgment I let Joe Schenck talk me into giving up my own studio to make pictures at booming Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer lot in Culver City."

It's not that hard to connect the dots. Wright is Keaton and Marvel in MGM in this situation. Unlike Keaton though, Wright will be able to get back into making the films he wants to make. He's not being forced by the studio to make movies he doesn't want to make. 

I hate that we won't see Wright's vision of Ant-Man on the big screen. Hopefully Marvel knows what they're doing with the story they want to tell. The question is: is what they want to do with the story so important that it's worth losing an amazing director? 

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