Edgar Wright's Top 10 Favorite Films of 2013

Movie Edgar Wright by Joey Paur

Now that the end of the year is upon us, we are going to start seeing a lot of people's Top 10 lists. Mine is on the way! But here's a Top 10 list you might care about seeing a little more. This is from director Edgar Wright, who this year released At World's End and is currently developing Marvel's Ant-Man film. 

The director gave the list in an interview with Digital Spy, but there are still a few films yet to be released that he hasn't seen it. So it may change a little bit by the time the end of the year comes. 

So this is Edgar Wright’s Top 10 Movies of 2013 as of November 26th 2013, when the interview was conducted.

10. Rush

9. The Bling Ring

8. Prisoners

7. The Spectacular Now

6. Short Term 12

5. Behind The Candelabra

4. Before Midnight

3. Blue Jasmine

2. Spring Breakers

1. Gravity

It's not bad list. The only movie on that list I loathed with Spring Breakers. That film was an utter piece of crap. But obviously some people saw something good in it that I didn't. It just wasn't my thing. As of right now though, there are only two movies on this list that will make it onto my own Top 10. 

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