Edward James Olmos Says Shane Black's THE PREDATOR is a "Funny Yet Deadly" Film


We've got some interesting new details regarding Shane Black's The Predator to share with you today. Last week, Thomas Jane offered some details on the story that the film will tell. According to him, the film follows a group of crazy shellshocked war veterans who end up hearing that a Predator ship has landed and they set out on a mission to take them down. You can read the full details of the story here

I actually really love that concept it definitely sounds like it's going to be an intense action-packed film. But now, thanks to Edward James Olmos, we've learned that the movie will also be filled with humor. While talking to CinemaBlend, the actor had this say:

"Oh, my goodness. That's an interesting story. I haven't seen any of it, but it's gonna be funny. The kids in the thing. Yeah, the humor. Huge. Huge. I mean I was in shock, because, you know this is a really intense franchise, and it still is. Don't get me wrong. You're gonna be inside of it. But the characters are... what he did -- Shane is an incredibly gifted writer, and he's a great director, and so he ended up getting an incredible ensemble, and when I reached it they had already been filming for three months so they were a unit. So I jump in as the General and there were some moments where I just had to laugh in the scene and I couldn't be laughing in the scene. 'I'm sorry guys. Really, I'm sorry.'"

It's hard to imagine a comedic Predator movie, but it sounds like that's exactly what we are going to get. I guess it's not too surprising because Black does have a fun and dark sense of humor. I like the fact that he's implementing some humor in the film. Now I'm even more curious to see how this movie plays out. Olmos goes on to offer some additional information on the story saying:

"Because Keegan (Michael Key) and Thomas Jane, they make... they're paired off in groups of three groups. Six guys. The way they work, they were all post-traumatic stress disorder guys who were inside of an insane asylum. A mental hospital. Then they put the lead character in there to kind of make them disappear, because they want them kind of out of the picture. And so he gets involved and then boom, the world goes crazy and these kids are released. But out of a freaky incident with some of the Predators. It's crazy. It's so crazy. I'm excited for it, and I don't know what's gonna happen. I got a good feeling about it. I mean if it's really funny, and yet deadly like Predator is."

I can't wait to see a trailer for this movie to get a look at what exactly we're dealing with.

The rest of the cast includes Boyd Holbrook (Logan), Keegan-Michael Key (Key & Peele), Trevante Rhodes (Westworld), Olivia Munn (X-Men: Apocalypse), Jacob Tremblay (Room), Yvonne Strahovski (Dexter), Alfie Allen (Game of Thrones), Sterling K. Brown (The People vs. O.J. Simpson) and Edward James Olmos (Battlestar Galactica).

The Predator opens in theaters on August 3, 2018.

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