Elegant Lightsaber Tools For a More Civilized Age

I’m not a tool a guy. I don’t build things, I don’t fix things, I just write about movies and other geeky things. Even as cool as this Star Wars inspired Lightsaber tool kit is, I would rarely use them. I guess whenever I buy IKEA furniture I could put them to good use, but even then, IKEA provides you with the most of the tools you need to build their damn furniture anyway. 

Lightsabers are beautiful weapons. They have the classic appeal of sword mixed with the futuristic joy of lasers. Lightsabers hold a special place in our hearts. 

And now also in our toolboxes. With the Star Wars Lightsaber Tool Kit, you get a set of 3 screwdrivers. Now you can approach those repairs with confidence, because you'll have a lightsaber by your side. Choose your weapon: Vader's flathead, Luke's Phillips, or Yoda's shorter flathead. Judge it by its size, do you? Hmm? Well, actually yes. It's good for getting into smaller places where its evil, larger companion won't fit. 

The Star Wars Lightsaber Tool Kit comes from ThinkGeek and you can purchase a set of your own for $19.99.

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