Elementary School Bans Little Girl's "Violent" Wonder Woman Lunchbox

What is this world coming to?! It's stuff like this that makes me roll my eyes at the world we live in. An elementary school somewhere in the U.S. of A. sent a little girl home with a note telling her parents that the Wonder Woman lunchbox she brought to school was not appropriate and that she wasn't allowed to bring it back on campus. Why? You ask. Because it violates the school dress code by apparently showing "violent images," and characters who “solve problems through violence."

This is the letter that was posted by an imgur user, and below that you can see the actual lunch box in question.

No! Superheroes DO NOT "certainly" fall into that category! Are they insane?! As you can see in the images below, the lunchbox shows absolutely no violence whatsoever. Wonder Woman has a huge smile while she runs with her lasso of truth, which she doesn't even use as a weapon. The other image is comic book style portrait of the character. What the hell is so offensive or violent about that? She's a freakin' superhero that saves lives, and she's a role model for young ladies.

Wonder Woman lunch box

I understand the whole violent image thing in a school. But this lunchbox does not fall under the category of violence at all, and anyone that thinks so needs to have their head examined. It's absolutely absurd. If my kids ever got a note like that, I would go to the school and educate those people in what superheroes really are, because clearly they've never read a comic book or watched a Marvel film. Then I'd send my kids back to school with the same lunchbox every day just to piss them off. 

I came across this news at The Mary Sue, and they offer up some very good points about this ridiculousness, saying: 

"However, even more nonsensical is their blanket ban on 'violent characters' who 'solve problems using violence,' when anyone who’s ever actually picked up a comic book knows that most superheroes 1) turn to violence as a last resort, and usually in self-defense, or when the lives of others are in danger, 2) don’t want to kill anyone, and 3) often have other skills that make them so 'super' and are worth looking up to (Batman’s power of deduction, Superman’s belief in humanity, Wonder Woman’s love of peace)."

Yes! Thank you! This is the kind of school I wouldn't want my kids going to. Next thing you know they'll start burning comic books. 

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