Eli Roth Directing Bruce Willis in MGM's DEATH WISH Remake

MGM's remake of Death Wish has been troublesome for the studio ever since they brought Bruce Willis on to star. Writer/director Joe Carnahan (The A-Team, The Grey, Smokin' Aces) left the project because he didn't agree with that casting, and since then, the movie has gone through multiple directors who can't seem to agree with the studio about the direction of the film. But it appears the studio won't let this one go, because they've brought on yet another director to try to bring the movie to life.

Deadline reports that Eli Roth (Hostel, Knock Knock) has taken over the director's chair, and he'll direct a screenplay by Scott Alexander and Larry Karaszewski (Ed Wood, The People vs. O.J. Simpson), who have apparently rewritten Carnahan's script (Nightcrawler's Dan Gilroy and Justified's Graham Yost also rewrote this one, but it looks like Alexander and Karaszewski's take is the one that's going to be realized on screen).

I've said this before, but a remake of Death Wish seems unnecessary because James Wan's excellent Death Sentence already exists. Check that movie out if you haven't seen it and you're looking forward to this one.

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