Elizabeth Olsen Doesn't Think Scarlet Witch Will Get a Solo Film

Scarlet Witch has been a surprisingly well-done character in the Marvel Cinematic Universe for me. When she was revealed at the end of Captain America: The Winter Soldier, I never really thought I would like her as much as I did once we saw her do her thing in Avengers: Age of Ultron. Then, in Captain America: Civil War, we got to see more of her and her story and Marvel has done a great job with her character in my opinion. That being said, some fans are curious if she’ll get her own movie (after all Marvel has a bunch of movies in the works that have not been named) while others are more curious about what will happen with her character if Marvel gets the rights back to the X-Men. After all, she is the daughter of Magneto in the comics. In a recent interview with Everything Iconic, Olsen addressed these two questions:

We are at ground zero. It’s definitely not something I’m pushing. I don’t know that that’s something they’re gonna push. Paul and I joke about having a domestic television show on Netflix or something. It would just be like House of M where Scarlet Witch goes bananas. That’s what we joke about but I don’t think any of those things are happening. I’m happy that I’m still around and they still use me well.

I don’t think so because we’ve gone so far to create a non-X-Men universe backstory for my character. Now, it’s the reason that we’re connected to the Vision. The Stone is his head is the Stone that gave me my powers so we’ve really just kind of leaned into the Stones, I feel like. So, I don’t think so, but if there like a Michael Fassbender being my daddy crossover, I would say, ‘Yes, please.’ I love Michael Fassbender.

While I would enjoy a Scarlet Witch sitcom about her day to day life, I don’t think that would be the right direction. I also agree with Olsen that it would be weird to have Magneto enter the MCU and all of a sudden Wanda Maximoff is a mutant instead of the Mind Stone giving her powers as we were told in previous films. They talk about a lot of topics, but if you want the Marvel-related questions, those start around 7:10. Do you want Scarlet Witch to get her own movie? How should they handle things if the X-Men join the MCU?

Based on the promotional materials, it looks like we'll see a healthy amount of Scarlet Witch in Avengers: Infinity War which comes to theaters on April 27, 2018.

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