Ellen DeGeneres Pits Thor Against Harley Quinn in Australian Trivia Game

Australians seem to be pretty fun when they do interviews. I think they’re Britain’s version of Canada sometimes. As an example, Hugh Jackman was once a little upset at Jimmy Fallon over vegemite, so he showed Fallon how to eat vegemite. He didn't belittle Fallon, he just calmly explained how to properly eat vegemite. They just seem like lovely people. Does that civility change though when you dress them up like kangaroos with giant boxing gloves and have them answer trivia about Australia? Looks like they stay civil. Last week, Ellen Degeneres did this to Chris Hemsworth and Margot Robbie. Of course, it’s The Ellen Show and so everything was goofy such as when she asked Hemsworth what his address is. I think the best part of the clip was seeing them come out in their kangaroo pajamas (I think they’re pajamas) and Hemsworth is really getting into it. Who’s your favorite Australian?

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