Elsa May Be Getting a Girlfriend in FROZEN 2


A lot of people have been arguing about the possibility of Elsa having a girlfriend in the anticipated sequel to Frozen for a while now. If there is truth to this, a lot of people will be upset. At the same time, a lot of people will be extremely excited. After all, this would mark the first time a Disney Princess was officially part of the LGBT community. When asked about the possibility of this happening, Jennifer Lee said:

I love everything people are saying [and] people are thinking about with our film ― that it’s creating dialogue, that Elsa is this wonderful character that speaks to so many people. It means the world to us that we’re part of these conversations.

It’s not confirmed, nor is it denied. I guess we’ll just have to wait until we find out more about what is going to happen in Frozen 2. What we do know about the sequel is that the core cast is returning to reprise their roles. Also, as Digital Spy reports, the ending was written first and they’ve been working off of that.

Frozen 2 is scheduled to hit theaters November 27, 2019.

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