Emily Blunt Channels Agent Carter in Motion Poster For MARY POPPINS RETURNS and D23 Footage Description

The first footage from Mary Poppins Returns was unveiled at the D23 Expo this weekend and that footage was accompanied by a live orchestra, which was pretty cool. I'm a long time fan of Mary Poppins. It is my mom's favorite movie and I have memories growing up watching it with her. 

Shortly after the footage was screened, a motion poster was released featuring Emily Blunt as Mary Poppins and as you can see, she also bears a striking resemblance to Agent Carter with that similar red and blue outfit. You can watch the motion poster at the bottom of the post.

Anyway, the footage screened at the event, that probably won't be released anytime soon, was pretty magical. As a fan of the first movie, I was extremely happy with what I saw. It simply looked wonderful.

The film takes place 25 years after the 1964 original movie during the depression. The children of Michael and Jane Banks are now adults, and have just experienced a personal loss. Poppins (Emily Blunt) and her lamplighter pal Jack (Lin-Manuel Miranda) must step in to help.

The footage began with the following text, "A place we hold dear, where laughter once dwelled, but soon from up above comes a new story to tell," that was followed by shots of the Banks family looking sad.

One of my favorite parts of the trailer feature Jack flying a kite with one of the young children. There are dark clouds in the sky and the old kite flies up into them and disappears. Suddenly the clouds part and Mary Poppins is holding onto the kite as she slowly glides down. This is the grand entrance of Mary Poppins and the crowd went wild!

At another point in the trailer, we see the Poppin, Jack and the children playing around in an animated cartoon land, just like in the original film. The footage also teased some dance numbers and a few other things. We even got to see Dick Van Dyke jump up on a desk and do a little jig. 

The sequel certainly captures the magic and spirit of the original film and I'm so excited to see the full movie when it's released on December 25, 2018. We probably won't see a trailer for awhile, so this brief description of what I saw is all you get until they do!

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