Emma Roberts and Justin Hartley Join Damon Lindelof's Political Action-Thriller THE HUNT

Damon Lindelhof’s upcoming political action-thriller The Hunt has added three big names to its cast. Emma Roberts (Nerve, American Horror Story), Justin Hartley (Smallville, This is Us), and Glenn Howerton (It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, A.P. Bio) have joined the movie, and although no plot details have been released yet, the movie is supposed to be based around the current political climate as we know it.


There’s a lot of material there, and a lot of different directions they can go. I like all three actors, and generally find them pretty pleasant, so it will be interesting to see them as politicians if that’s the way the film goes, as I generally despise politicians. I know, controversial and groundbreaking stance.

I’ve read two conflicting reports stating The Hunt will hit theaters in either September or October, but we do know production has begun, so I’m sure we will get a definitive date very soon.

Do you like political thrillers? Which one is your favorite? I liked Nick of Time, The Pelican Brief, and Argo.

Via: Deadline

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