Emma Watson Sings "Belle" in New Clip From BEAUTY AND THE BEAST

Personally, I don't watch very many film clips released for big movies before I actually see the movie because I'd rather see things for the first time in the proper context. But I made an exception for this clip from Disney's upcoming Beauty and the Beast because it's a remake, and since I've already seen the original, I wanted to check it out for comparison purposes.

Here's a clip from "Belle," the female lead's first big song in the animated movie, and it looks pretty spot-on in the way it recaptures that look and feel in live action. I'm still not quite convinced that this movie needs to exist in live action in the first place, but maybe once I see it all come together, my mind will be changed. In the meantime, enjoy the clip of Emma Watson singing her way through her provincial town.

Beauty and the Beast hits theaters on March 17, 2017.

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