Enjoy Some New Options for Certain D&D Classes in THE COMPLETE DEVOUT HANDBOOK


Dungeons & Dragons has a lot of fun classes with interesting subclasses, but sometimes players want a little more. That’s why we have unofficial supplements. Well, if you’re wanting to spice up a Cleric, Druid, Monk, or Paladin, you may want to check out Benjamin Huffman’s and Ross Leiser’s The Complete Devout Handbook. Each of the aforementioned classes gets 4 additional subclasses, plus there are 42 new spells and 36 new magic items for you to incorporate into your campaign.

The Complete Devout Handbook is packed with player options, spells, and magic items for your Cleric, Druid, Monk, and Paladin characters! Will you play a cleric of commerce sealing business deals with divine magic? A druid that speaks with spirits and fights wielding a whisker plucked from a mythical catfish? A monk calling on the magic imbued in her tattoos to defeat her foes? Or maybe a paladin whose sworn an oath to overthrow an evil monarch and establish a republic?

You can pick up The Complete Devout Handbook on DMs Guild for $5.95.

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