Enjoy These 12 New STAR WARS RESISTANCE Shorts While You Wait for the Return of the Series

If you’re a fan of Lucasfilm’s new Star Wars Resistance animated series, I’ve got a series of twelve new animated shorts for you to check out.

Just in case you didn’t already know, this series of animated shorts were released over the holiday season. Each one tells a brief story that focuses on different characters and they are filled with both action and humor.

These should help tide you over until the series returns.

Star Wars Resistance, a new animated adventure series set before the events of "The Force Awakens," follows Kazuda Xiono ("Kaz"), a young pilot recruited by the Resistance's Poe Dameron and BB-8 and tasked with a top-secret mission to spy on the growing threat of the First Order.

You can watch the shorts below:

Buggle’s Day Out

Kaz gets in trouble when he tries to take care of Buggles!

The Rematch

Kaz and Torra try and test the Fireball’s thrusters!

Sixty Seconds to Destruction

The Aces band together to stop a crashing ship!

The Need For Speed

The Aces race to compete for Hype’s top spot!


Flix & Orka try and fix Hype’s broken, angry droid!

Bucket’s Quest

When Bucket loses his helmet, he’ll do anything to get it back!


There’s a reason why Cantinas don’t serve droids!

Treasure Chest

Flix & Orka try and open a chest with disastrous results!

When Thieves Drop By

It’s a bad idea to try and rob Flix & Orka!

Neeku’s Reward

Neeku’s food gets away from him in the marketplace!

Dart and Cover

Kaz and Bucket’s game goes awry as they try and impress their pals!

The Search For Kaz

BB-­8 goes on an adventure and tries to find Kaz!

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