Enjoy This 2-Minute LEGO-Style Comedic Recap of THE LAST JEDI

To say Star Wars: The Last Jedi was divisive would be an understatement. I personally enjoyed it, but I know people who did not. We’ve had to agree to disagree. I think this video can be enjoyable for many people on both sides though. There are a couple of times where the voiceover seems to question or poke fun of something that happened in the film, plus it is made of LEGO, so there’s that. The first 20 seconds or so get you caught up on episodes IV-VI before going into a 2-minute recap. One of my favorite parts:

The good guys got away to a planet where the ground is white but the dirt is red for no reason except it was super cool.

The Last Jedi hits Blu-ray March 27 and is already available for Digital. Don’t forget to check out the music-only version of the film when you get your copy.

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