Enjoy This Very Different Take on the Classic Leg Lamp From A CHRISTMAS STORY

In A Christmas Story, Ralphie’s dad gets a lamp in the shape of a lady’s leg and is very excited to get it set up and on display. Paul Jackman is a man that specializes in custom woodwork and he decided to create his own version of this very iconic lamp. This leg lamp looks to be much thicker, is made of wood (makes it a lot less fragile), and instead of a high heel shoe, it features a boot. The model for the leg was his very own leg making it much more “manly.” While the wood leg can’t light up like the fragile movie prop, it does have a light on top to glow and overall it looks a lot better in my opinion. The wood looks “indescribably beautiful” as Ralphie’s dad would say. You can even watch Jackman create the lamp in the video below.

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