Epic ’80s Style Skate Battle for Bodacious Babes

Who doesn’t love an epic, overdramatic, ‘80s sports battle? I think every other film that came out of that era fit that bill. “Locals Only, Bro. No Kooks!” transports you back to the 1980s when the clothes were bright and baggy, the babes were bodacious, the boards were flat and wide, and street skating was still in its infancy.

The Back Forty Bros hit the beach for a battle of epic proportions. Rivals crews duke it out on boards while the affections of some bodacious babes hang in the balance!

The short film stars current street skating legends Marc Johnson, Kenny Anderson, Danny Montoya, Chris Roberts, and more. It’s funny seeing these amazingly talented skateboarders holding back so much to perform tricks that are either completely obsolete or overly simplistic by today’s standards.

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