Epic STAR WARS Fan Trailer "Legends" — The Extended Universe Books As Movies

Trailer Star Wars by Free Reyes

This fan edited trailer, "Legends," by Marc Dominic Rienzo, was originally intended to be released in 2007 to celebrate the 30th anniversary of Star Wars. It assumes the extended universe books as the basis for two new trilogies. Seven years later it's finally complete with a voiceover by the late Don Lafontaine. The trailer makes full use of all the video games and fan made movies over the last 7 years to create something truly epic.

From Marc Dominic Rienzo via Geeks Are Sexy:

Originally planned to be finished in 2007 for the Star Wars 30th Anniversary, this edit went uncompleted for years. Now with Episode VII coming out, it had seemed pointless to finish. But in honor of the great, late Don Lafontaine donlafontaine.com/ who provided an AMAZING voice over, I had to get this out there even though it’s a bit rough around the edges. I could not let “THE VOICE” go unheard. Many thanks to the creators of original fan film works who provided footage for this edit.

…and while I love the EU, I eagerly look forward to EPVII. I think they have the best of the best in place on it.

Disney/LucasFilm have said they will not be using the extended universe as canon for the new trilogy, but it's entirely possible that they will use characters and story elements. Just think of how Marvel and DC adapt things — they pull from multiple story arcs and character takes to make something both familiar and new for the cinema.

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