EPISODE VII Star Oscar Isaac Not a Fan of Lucas' STAR WARS Changes

Star Wars: Episode VII star Oscar Isaac seems to feel the same way about George Lucas' Star Wars changes as the rest of us, and he wishes that the director would have never messed with the original films. In an interview with the Huffington Post, he was asked how he felt about the updates to the rereleased films, and this is what he said:

"Well, it’s a funny thing. I mean there’s two things. As an artist, like, he made the shit, so why can’t he do whatever the heck he wants with it. There’s a part of me that appreciates that he doesn’t really care if people are upset about it. He decided to share it with all of it and he wants to go back and do stuff, whatever. But as a fan, I’d much rather go back and watch the old thing, because it’s a product of the time. It’s what did you do at the time with the things that you had. And that’s what made that movie so amazing. At that time with that technology he made this thing and it was fucking awesome. So, you know, to go back and kind of tweak it with new stuff, it doesn’t make it more interesting for me as a watcher. It makes it less interesting, but I can’t fault him for doing that."

He makes some good points there, and it really does make those movies less interesting. I really want to see those original films get the Blu-ray treatment! He also talks about working within the secrecy of Star Wars during the interview, saying,

"You can’t say anything. You can’t say shit. But it’s fine! I don’t know why people are so obsessed with finding out stuff before the movie comes out. It’s so much more fun to just go. I mean, I don’t do that. I don’t go looking for stuff that I’m interested in, you know, to try and find out pictures and what the movie’s about. It’s so much more fun to be surprised."

Isaac was then asked if there was anything he was excited about for the character he plays in the film (who has yet to be announced), and this was his reply:

"There’s not anything that I can say about the character, but I can say that I’m most excited and, I know this seems nerdy, but I love the fact that J.J. Abrams is shooting it on film. And that’s not just from an aesthetic standpoint -- it really does matter -- but it’s about how a movie is filmed and the set, it changes it. It changes so many things. I mean, I’ve had to do things over again because there was a hair in the gate, which is so old school, but it just feels better, and movies are all about feeling, so I think that’s something that I’m so very excited about apart from the fact that it looks amazing, so textured and alive."

It's hearing stuff like that that makes me even more excited about seeing how this long awaited film is going to turn out.