Every Easter Egg and Reference in JURASSIC WORLD

Jurassic World exploded at the box office this last weekend pulling in over $511 million dollars worldwide! That makes it the first film ever to gross more than $500 million in a single weekend. That's a pretty impressive feat, and I'm sure Universal Pictures and the cast and crew are extremely happy with the outcome. Hell, I am, and I had nothing to do with making the movie! 

I loved Jurassic World. It was everything that I hoped it would be. I took my kids to see it, and we all had a blast. As a huge fan of the Jurassic Park, I especially enjoyed all of the Easter eggs that connected the movie to the original film. There were a ton of them!

It wasn't really that hard to spot many of them, but in case you did, Mr. Sunday Movies has released a video that points out all of the Easter eggs and references to the original 1993 film and more. The video is definitely worth checking out if you're a fan of this killer dinosaur franchise.

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