Everything You've Read About STEP BROTHERS 2 Filming is a Dirty Lie

So you may have seen the news trending on Reddit this morning from various sources that Step Brothers 2 is set to film in fall of this year. I originally wrote this article talking about that EXACT news, but was stopped just in the nick of time by Mily and Ben. Turns out it's all lies...ALL OF IT!

ScreenCrush is reporting that REAL insiders close to the film say there are absolutely no plans to film Step Brothers 2 this year.

I knew the source (something called missopen.com) was sketchy....I just wanted it to be true soooo bad. Director Adam McKay said earlier this year that they had no plans to film a sequel this year. So just wait a little longer, and maybe it'll actually happen one day!

By the way, do we even really want a sequel to Step Brothers?!

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