EVIL DEAD 2 Movie Update - Development is Slow but ARMY OF DARKNESS 2 is in the Works

The Sam Raimi-produced and Fede Alvarez-directed reboot of Evil Dead was awesomely nightmarish. I really enjoyed that movie, and I wasn't sure if I would because I'm such a hardcore fan of the original. The reboot was a big hit though and fans of the original seemed to embrace it as well.

There was a lot of talk about a sequel after the reboot was released. It was something that everyone seemed excited about seeing, including the fans and the filmmakers. So why has nothing happened with it yet?! Because Raimi, Alvarez, and Bruce Campbell are in no rush to do it.

In a recently interview with Shock Till You Drop, Alvarez had this to say when asked about the sequel:

"Sam, Bruce, and Rob Tapert and I are good friends and we talk to one another often and we're always coming up with new ideas and projects. Sam is teasing Army of Darkness 2, which he is working on the script with his brother, but at the same time Evil Dead 2 is something we definitely want to do at some point. ... It's always in the background and always in our heads. And every time I talk with Sam, we're bouncing around ideas to find what would be the perfect sequel."

At least Raimi is actively developing Army of Darkness 2! I wonder if they are looking to get that movie out before they proceed with an Evil Dead sequel. At one point there was a plan that Alvarez had in his head to combine the rebooted Evil Dead world with Rami's original world, which would be amazing! It's something that isn't outside the realm of possibility. After all, Ash did make an appearance in the post-credits scene of the reboot. 

Look, all I want is more Evil Dead movies and it sounds like it will eventually happen. We just have to be patient. Unfortunately for us geeks, we aren't very patient people. 

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