Extended FANTASTIC FOUR Trailer Ends with a Message from Deadpool

Even though there’s not a lot of excitement surrounding the Fantastic Four reboot, I’m looking forward to seeing it. I’m really hoping for the best. I’ve been seeing some reactions from people who have seen it already, and so far there is a good amount of positive hype and buzz.

Fox has released an extended trailer for the movie that offers even more new footage. The best part about the trailer though is the very end, which features Deadpool announcing that the theatrical trailer for his movie will be attached to Fantastic Four. Deadpool makes sure to offer the following disclaimer:

“For an erection lasting for more than four hours… pat yourself on the back.”

It seems like Fox is banking on the idea that you'll go out and see Fantastic Four just to be able to watch the Deadpool trailer on the big screen. Isn't it crazy that this R-rated superhero film that the studio has been avoiding all of these years is now being used to help get audiences into Fantastic Four? The movie opens up in theaters this Friday.

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