Fabulous Female Cosplay of FUTURAMA’s Zoidberg

Photos Futurama by Eli Reyes
Photo by  Mykes Photos

Photo by Mykes Photos

Are you tired of seeing female cosplayers in outfits that leave little to the imagination? Well, Alyssa (a.k.a Mistress-Zelda) shows off only her creativity and craftsmanship with this spectacular take on Zoidberg from Futurama. As you can see, it’s not some sexed up version of the character, rather, it’s a clever and faithful homage to the staff doctor for Planet Express. 

Here’s what Alyssa had to say about the cosplay:

"Futurama is my favorite TV show ever (Got a Bender and Robot Devil tattoo), but I could never figure out what character to cosplay from the show. Most of the outfit designs are kind of boring or don't translate very well to real life, I think. Zoidberg is one of my favorite characters so I decided to do this for Halloween. I specifically wanted to make it look campy, cartoony and kind of homemade, something people could conceivably make on their own. The mask is a ski mask with finger tentacles sewn on, and ping pong balls cut in half, drilled and sewn on for eyes. The claws are oven mitts and the rest of the outfit was put together with Goodwill finds. Lots of fun to make and wear, although eyesight is limited in it XD It was photographed at a group shoot event which is why each photo has a different photographer."

To check out more of Alyssa’s cosplay, which does include a fair amount of the aforementioned female form, visit her links on her GeekxGirls profile.

Photo by J&C Photography

Photo by J&C Photography

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