Facebook Has A Patent On Tech That Can Predict Upcoming Major Events In Your Life


We've all known for awhile Facebook knows a good bit about us, and they're using their findings to sell data to third party companies. What's alarming is that they've gotten pretty good at it, at least enough so that they have a patent on technology (via TechRadar) that can predict major upcoming events in your life based on your search history. 

Are you eating out a lot and cooking super unhealthy foods? You might not know it, but Facebook does and may currently be peddling you weight loss ads or even heart doctors for that upcoming heart attack. There's even some evidence the social media site could determine when you're going to die, although once again, this is purely based on the things you're utilizing search engines for. 

Honestly it's already feeling like some ads are in my head, so I can't imagine what it's going to be like a decade from now when most companies have this type of technology. Are you comfortable with the amount of knowledge Facebook can gather about your life through your general web searches?

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