FAIRY FENCER F - An Epic Battle of Gods, Fencers, and Bears


The rush of new and interesting JRPG’s is something I’m thoroughly enjoying, and that trend continues with the upcoming Fairy Fencer F from Compile Heart and NIS America. The game is coming over to the States sometime this year, but was released in 2013 in Japan. The battle system is turn based, and in addition to normal attacks, each character has access to a unique special ability as well as an ability that transforms them into a stronger second form. This second form significantly raises their stats, but can only be activated once their tension meter is filled. The player is also able to change the parameters of the dungeons they visit, making tweaks like more experience points or more currency. You are able to do this by using influence that you build up in the game over time.

The cast consists of Fang and Tiara, who are the main protagonists, but along the way your party grows substantially, even at some point including a bear named Pipin with a sword sticking out of his head, which is a sentence that in itself is fantastic. Take a look at the trailer for the English release and don’t forget to peep some screens from the Japanese version further down below.

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