Fake SUICIDE SQUAD Trailer is The Worst Version of What The Movie Could Be

By now you're familiar with the images of the cast of David Ayer's Suicide Squad in costume, so you know that the whole crew basically looks like it wandered into a Hot Topic, grabbed whatever they could find off the rack, and walked out. Without any real footage to judge, it's tough to get a good idea of whether these actors are going to be able to pull off bringing these comic book villains to life successfully or if this is going to be a giant disaster. It definitely has an intriguing premise, but a big question remains: will fans be able to get over the ridiculous costumes?

The people at Nerdist decided to make a fake trailer for the film, and I don't know if this was their intention or not, but they've basically made the worst possible version of what this movie could turn out to be: awful catchphrases, bad lighting, etc. This is just the worst. Dear God, I hope the footage that Warner Bros. is rumored to debut this weekend at Comic-Con is better than this.

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