Familial Crime Drama BAD BLOOD Has Been Picked Up by NBC for Development

NBC has picked up the rights to the familial crime drama Bad Blood, which they are developing into a series. The crime drama comes from the writing and producing team of Mike Daniels, Wolfe Coleman, and Jessica Rhoades, who were behind the series The Village. Daniels and Coleman also wrote for the series Shades of Blue. Here’s the synopsis for the series, from Deadline:

Written by Daniels and Coleman, in Bad Blood, when a murder investigation leads an upstanding detective deep into the life of a criminal brother he never knew he had, questions of fate and identity underscore a story that unravels on both sides of the law. While one brother struggles to go straight, the other increasingly finds himself with a foot in two worlds — cracking cases, harboring secrets, and treading the slippery moral slope of putting blood before blue.

This sounds like it could be a good series. I’m interested to see who they cast as the leads. I enjoy a good cop drama though, especially one that ties into family. Does this sound like a show you might enjoy?

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