Famous Actresses Used as Models for Femme Fatale Art Series

Artby Eli Reyes

Here is a sampling of pieces that are included in "Femme Fatale", a stunning portrait series by Australian based screen-print artist Rhys Cooper. The show will run from May 31st through June 21st at Spoke Art Gallery in San Francisco.

If my TMZ-like memory for actors’ faces hasn’t failed me, I’m certain these femme fatales were modeled after some very famous and extremely beautiful actresses (no complaints here). Obviously Maleficent is in the likeness of Angelina JolieNatalie Portman looks to be used for Sorceress from He-Man [thanks to NietzschesGhost for the correction]. Poison Ivy is definitely modeled after Game of Thrones star Natalie Dormer — the side shave is a dead giveaway. Sofia Vergara is Red Riding Hood, and Mystique looks to be Kate Beckinsale [note: readers on FB have also pointed out that she looks like Charlize Theron (the eyes definitely), others say Scarlett Johansson. It's perhaps a mix of a few actresses.] The only one I’m not so sure about is Rogue, who looks equal parts Abbie Cornish and Amber Heard.

The remaining art will be released online June 2nd. For more info on the artist and the exhibit head over to Spoke Art’s official site.


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