Fan Art Shows STRANGER THINGS Star David Harbour in the Role of Cable in DEADPOOL 2

Last week we learned that Stranger Things star David Harbour is actually in the running to take on the role of Cable in Deadpool 2. He's even already done a screen test with Ryan Reynolds, which means things are pretty serious. There are a lot of people who have been rumored for this role, and it would be cool to see Harbour get the gig. But whoever they end up casting, I trust they will make the right choice.

One of our readers, who goes by the name of Kentucky Fried Otaku, actually had a hilarious suggestion in the comments of something that could be in the film regarding the casting of Cable. He said:

"Starting to think that the prologue scene of Deadpool 2 should be a group of actors auditioning for Cable. Even better if they get some of the actors that were actually considered for the role."

That would be really fun to see! It's one of those ideas you'd hope Reynolds and his team would see and implement, but they probably won't. Anyway, here's a fun piece of fan art by Boss Logic that shows what Harbour could look like as Cable. 

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